Sewing, Sewing, Sewing . . .

. . .  and this is all I can show! It's a tote bag for my granddaughter who is 1-1/2 and attends nursery school one (or perhaps two?) day per week. I had made her a tote bag back in the fall, but it turns out she needed a bag that would hold a looseleaf binder. At 1-1/2? Ye gods.

Bought the fabric at Gene's last sale, and made the bag in the past week, kind of guessing at the dimensions. Instead of the heavy duty pellon interfacing I usually put in bags, I put in a piece of left-over batting and then used my walking foot to quilt some straight lines across it.

Put it in the mail this morning.

Now back to work on Those Things Which May Not Be Shown!


Janet O. said…
A looseleaf at that age? Is it just for carrying communications between teacher and parents--I hope?
Love your title for the secret projects. Makes them sound SO official. But then, of course, they are. : )
Barbara Anne said…
How cute is that bag?! Well done and just imagine the applause you've earned!!!

I'm also wondering how a child who is so small and is new at walking could need such a large notebook and bag. Mercy! Those notebooks and paper come in smaller sizes that would be more child-sized and appropriate. What are those grown-ups thinking?

Had a nice chuckle about your title for your secret Christmas-is-coming projects, too!

It's cold and windy here today - or have you already heard about that?