Forecast: Babies and Winter Weather!

I seem to have difficulty finding time to blog these days. Working fewer hours in a given week than I used to, I am spending more time sewing, baking, and -- when the weather is decent -- walking. More time reading, too.

My daughter uses me as a baby boutique; when she needs a gift, I provide her with a quilt. Apparently there's a baby boom going on in her world at present. There is a minor one going on in my own world, too. So baby quilts have been the order of the day. 

The blue/green one is nothing more than 2-1/2" squares of batik strips sewn together to make 16-patch blocks and then alternating them with black-or-navy dots on white (you may have to click to enlarge and see the dots). I like it. Seems to have a "boy" feel to it.

This other one is made from the Mazed quilt pattern, using 3" squares of Kaffe Collective and some spectacular chicken wire fabric I found during Gene's last stupendous sale.

Now I'm ready to make a fox quilt and am excited to try it. 

And today's mail brought the white-dot-on-black fabric that I had ordered for my sunny churn-dash bee blocks. So let the Winter Weather Alert play itself out -- I've got plenty to keep me busy!


Janet O. said…
So good of you to supply your daughter's needs. I especially like that cool blue/green quilt!
Brenda said…
lovely and for a good cause too!
Barbara Anne said…
Love these quilts and methinks I need to have a Mazed quilt in my future.

What fun to let the weather swirl and be snugly sewing.

Although our forecast has the temps. in for next 36 hours staying mostly in the 30s*F and "feeling" below freezing, there is no wintery mix or snow expected. Odd.

Laura Chaney said…
Lovely quilts, both of them. I totally do this to my Mom, too. "Hey mom... so a co-worker is having a baby." It's even funnier since I sew myself, but she just has more time!