Epic Trip Part Twenty-One: Reunited

I love this painting. I loved it the first time I saw it several years ago and I loved it again when I rediscovered it in the lobby . . .

. . . Oops, I'm getting a bit ahead of myself.

I spent most of Friday on the move. The train from Near Philadelphia to the airport is a wonderful thing. It is efficient. It is inexpensive. I allowed the usual huge amount of time at the airport and found it practically deserted! It was the day after Thanksgiving, prolly the least traveled day of the year.

I had a layover halfway through my travels, with just enough time to grab some lunch. At the other end, a representative from my hotel helped me find a cab and just before midnight, I ended up in my favorite hotel lobby, that of the Barbados Hilton.

The thing about this hotel lobby that captivates me is that there are no exterior walls to the left and right! It is totally open to the outside -- beautiful water views on both sides. Of course there is furniture in the lobby that isn't shown in this photo from the hotel's website. That lobby is where I spent much of Saturday morning waiting for my sailor to arrive.

And then he did.

We spent the day relaxing, exploring the hotel property, playing in the pools, the hot tub, the sea. We napped. We talked. We held hands. We had dinner at Brown Sugar, a restaurant we'd enjoyed on our first visit to this lovely island. We turned in early that night; we had a very, very big day planned for Sunday.

View of the hotel from the beach.

A non-functioning lighthouse, just part of the charm of the property.

The bridge leads to the hot tub.

One of three or four pools.

Tiny crabs who scurried away, not wanting to make our acquaintance.

The sailor returns.


MGonsior said…
What a beautiful set of photos and fond memories. I'd love to be there right now.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Another cliffhanger! Great photos, too.
Barbara Anne said…
How sweet it is!!