You know, I thought I was going to get back to regular blogging. I really did. I really do!


So many other things keep jumping onto my plate. One time about a hundred years ago, I whined to my friend Dayle, "I've got too much on my plate!" "So get a platter," she replied without missing a beat. Pragmatic she is.

And I thought I was going to get back to regular, daily sewing. And I still do.

I've done some sewing, working on a couple of baby quilts from strings. Putting borders on otherwise-finished projects. Finishing something that has been in progress for seventeen years (pic coming in a week or so)!

Been itching to start something entirely new. You know, the kind of thing where you go to the shop and buy a whole bunch of brand new fabrics and forget you have those scrap bins. But my main store hasn't scheduled a big sale lately, and even if they did, I'm finding that they aren't carrying the kinds of things my taste has been running to.

Then the other day my friend No-Blog-Sarah (hint! hint!) posted a picture of these fabrics on FB and I just sat there at the keyboard transfixed. And, you know what, I didn't even have to get out of my jammies and head to the shop. Because I got them from here, the place that makes 'em. The photo above is from their site.

They came this morning. By Priority Mail. All tied up together in a lovely stack. And, if possible, they are even more gorgeous up close and personal than they are in the photo. I've got a lot on my plate today. So I'm going to put it away and get out the platter. Because these babies are demanding to be fondled. Now.


Moira said…
Lovely fabric! Have fun using them.
Anonymous said…
The thrill of brand new fabric and starting a new project, there's nothing like it. I too, have stash and UFO's sitting here, but something new is more motivating. Enjoy your new project. That fabric looks tempting. Thanks for sharing.
Nemo said…
Oh, the colours... wow!
Barbara Anne said…
What a delightful bundle of eye candy you have to play with!! They should get the ideas flowing and you stirring through your stash to find other fabrics to add into the mix. Yum!

Are you finding retirement far busier than you'd thought?

Janet O. said…
That is a beautiful, eye-catching collection. I can understand why you were transfixed!
Helen said…
I am feeling your situation! I do not need more fabric. I have several (hundred!-not really that many) in progress projects, but I saw a quilt kit for sale and I have it in my basket at Craftsy. I shouldn't buy it, but I'm having a "want" fit. It's a beautiful quilt, I'm wanting to make quilts to use as tablecloths for my dining room table (several of them to use for different months of the year. I'm in a quandary. I truly am. I haven't been sewing quilts at all this year (I know, it's only January) although I made 6 last year. What to do, what to do?!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Good to hear these beauties lit your soul - sometimes a bundle like that can really make a BIG difference! Happy fondling!
yep those are sooo pretty...and uh thanks for yet another gorgeous site for fabric...just what i