Welcoming the Stranger

Last autumn, my wonderful LQS held a quilt drive. They asked for 100 quilts in 100 days in a variety of sizes. The quilts were given to a social service agency that works with immigrants and refugees. Marsha and I put our heads (and our machines) together and made a double-bed size Kaffe-and-batik quilt and were glad that there still were some refugees.

Lo! and behold! Stitch Central held a second quilt drive this autumn, same specs, same beneficiaries. Bonnie made one out of Ruth's scraps and I bound it for her. I made one using blocks I'd made at a retreat using mostly aboriginal fabrics -- the blocks were just downright fun to make and I had no plans for them beyond making them. Himself helped me come up with a plan to set them, and so I have a great big quilt to donate. Stephanie quilted it for me in exchange for my binding her donation.

Joe, Lizzy and I photographed them this afternoon, and I'll be delivering them to the shop within the next couple of days. 

Bonnie's quilt using the Mazed pattern and Ruth's scraps.

Stephanie's quilt -- doncha love it?

My quilt. And my dog.


Annie said…
Love these quilts AND Stitch Central, my not local by 2800 miles quilt store, for this program! Sent them both of my Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts, knowing they would be put to great use to welcome our new Americans.
Quayquilter said…
Gosh I would have found it hard to give yours away and I am sure the recipients will love it.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Your puppy! I missed this announcement! Oh! My!! Goodness!!! I need more info on the new addition. The quilts are lovely, each one; I want to learn how to do some Maze quilts, I am drowning in scraps and this is such a fun setting, it seems like the perfect solution. Hugs~
Lorraine said…
Your little Lizzie is sooo adorable! Quilts are nice too!
Barbara Anne said…
I love these interesting quilts and the wonderful creativity of their makers! The Stitch Central project is so very worthy and those from there who get to keep these quilts will love their designs, fabrics, and warmth.