Sunday, December 24, 2006

Almost Christmas

It's Christmas Eve. Technically, of course, this morning we are still in Advent. But in anticipation of tonight and tomorrow, I've taken down the Advent hanging and hung the Christmas one. It is part of the series I made when in seminary. I wanted the focus to be on Jesus, so left Joseph and Mary off. Then it seemed a little bit bare, so the shepherds and angels showed up. Can't have the star without the cross, of course.
. . . .
Epiphany comes up very quickly and with it, instead of a whole separate hanging, we will have additions to the Christmas one.
. . . .
So it is Christmas Eve (day) and company is coming for brunch. I was scheduled to be assisting minister at church tonight but I'm plagued with some kind of head and chest crud and have asked Marsha to fill in for me. I love to assist on Christmas Eve, but it's not going to happen for me this year. I hope Marsha loves doing it.
. . . .
I'm so glad I shopped and wrapped early. Would not want to be dealing with those tasks now. The only thing remaining is to prepare a couple of dishes for the brunch and then tomorrow get the lasagna ready for dinner -- the sauce was cooked already, so that should be complicated. Tomorrow I'll just enjoy being with my family, all of whom will help.

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