One Word, Just One Word

Linda sent me an email this week, which I'm reproducing right here:
. . . .
Describe me in ONE WORD...just one word! Send it to me only, and then send this message to your friends and family and see how many strange things people say about you!
. . . .
This is really fun! Just hit "Reply" and send me my one word back. Then forward this message on to your friends (including me) and see what they say about you!
. . . .
GAME ON!! This will make you laugh out loud.
. . . .
Linda, who is wise and wonderful and seldom wrong and above all insightful (which was my word for her), was wrong. I did not laugh out loud. To the contrary, I found myself filled with awe and gratitude at the words my people chose. This is precisely the kind of thing to print out and stick on the refrigerator for One Of Those Days.
. . . .
I would urge you to copy Linda's paragraphs and send them to Your People. I suspect you, too, will not laugh out loud, but rather will be affirmed in ways you cannot anticipate.
. . . .
My people said:

One Word About Nancy
Who: Said

Tom: Punctual
Susie: Articulate
Ingrid: Witty
Paul: Sweet

Sharon: Ardent
Vetch: Caring
Kat: Dee-lightful!
Carol P: Thoughtful
Polly: Entertaining

Desertsky: Spiritual
Jan: Diamond
Marsha: Caring
Rhodo: Succinct
Karla: Splendid!

Honna: Cute
Pat: Quilter
Linda: Genuine
Elaine: Witty
Joan: Inspiring

Chris K: Nurturing
Lois: Witty
Judy: Inimitable!
Lynn: Compassionate


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
It's true, words such as these can be both humbling and affirming. We do a similar thing on annual Bible study retreat weekends, I never cease to be struck (in a good way) by the words assigned to me by my peers. They are perfect to reflect upon at the times when we need them the most!
floribunda said…
game on, Nancy -- I sent it out! I think everyone secretly craves information about how others see them... and I'm no exception.
Ms. Jan said…
Mine sounds so dumb, but I see you as a diamond...with many facets and all of them shining bright.
Shelina said…
Nancy, what a good idea to do this. From looking at your words, it seems like you are a well- rounded person. I didn't see any repeats. And you didn't ask them to be nice! LOL
I made a list of words for my brother and daughter, but I think it is great to get them from all sorts of people.
Susan said…
And isn't it amazing how few repeats there were? You are many things to many people. =)