A Gift for a Friend Once Removed

Awhile back, my friend in Ohio wrote me about a friend of hers. That friend was getting up there in years, was using a walker to help her get around, and persisted in trying to carry things at the same time. It was making my friend nervous. She wondered if I could make some kind of a bag to hang on the walker so that her friend could ambulate more safely, while hauling her whatever along.

I dragged my feet a bit. I interviewed patterns on the internet, finally settling on one from about.com. It wasn't the best pattern, mainly because there were no illustrations for the steps as we went along, just a blurry photo of the finished product. It called for two layers of cotton and I thought it would be sturdier and would support a little more weight if I put in a layer of batting. My friend Kathleen put the buttonholes in for me yesterday and tonight I sewed shut the turning seam, sewed on the buttons, and gave it a good pressing.

The main part of the bag is inside the yellow and is pretty spacious. For convenience, though, the outside of the bag has six pockets in the blue fabric, three on each side. I made one narrow enough to easily hold a pen. I made a little bonus glasses case to match.

And we're good to go.

Ladies, start your walkers!


Helen said…
You're a nice friend. I'm sure the lady will enjoy being able to carry her things without so much trouble.

Sounds like you might be feeling a bit better. I sure hope so.
Lorraine said…
Fabulous bag...great idea - I am sure it will make the lady's life a little easier...! And anything that makes life easier is a good thing!

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Mrs. Goodneedle said…

Are you feeling better? I hope so.
Such a thoughtful thing for you to do. The bag is wonderful!! Hope you're feeling better.
*karendianne. said…
Right on, Nancy! I would almost have something like this for my walker, too. Coolness.
SallyB said…
Harriet will be thrilled when my mom presents her with this bag! WOW! Very cool - almost makes me want one, too, but I'm not on a walker just yet! (Heck, given my persistently gimpy left knee and the fact that due to my too high insurance deductible, I can't get it fixed, it may not be long before I'm using one if the Obama administration doesn't do something to fix health care FAST!)

What a thoughtful gift!

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Barb said…
Great job with your creativity, I am sure it will be of great help to the gal that is in need of an extra helper bag! Hope you are feeling better...must be the Vicks that helped ;>)!!
Good giref, woman! That is going to be such a wonderfuyl 88th birhtday gift for my friend.
Today was a beautiful sunny day and I took her out for a ride (I'm allowed to dirve now) and to the supermarket to shop because she enjoys driving those little electric carts. She sort of slings her purse around her walker and now she will have a proper Nancy Walker Bag.
You're a pure wonder.
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By the way, Harrit's favorite colors are blue and yellow.
And I noticed the vial of Mucinex, or whatever that snot remover is called, on your desl.
W.V. fachtepi - bring me a glass of lukewarm water.
Tanya said…
Love your walker bag. Do you have a link or some instructions for this pattern? I hate to say it but it won't be long before mothers in my family might be using a walker...