White Oak March 2009

Our little getaway to White Oak was just lovely, cough or no cough. Honna was kind enough to drive and we were on the road by about 1:30. We stopped to shop a little bit in Bird-in-Hand and in Intercourse, and got to the Inn with time for a bit of a lie-down before Carol put out the wine and cheese.

Before dinner, I put out the glasses/rotary cutter cases I'd made. Rob filled his with a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. After the tables were cleared, we settled in for some serious sewing. I had some blocks to assemble; I'd carefully precut everything according to the directions from the pattern (which will remain unidentified for now. The block was a little bit on the complicated side and I was pretty chagrined when I found out that the three different components in this 9-unit block all turned out to be slightly different sizes! Sheesh. What a way to start a weekend. So I put them away, and turned around

just in time to see Turbo showing off her first finish of the weekend. See what I mean about this kid? She's a genius. I wish I would have taken a photo of a couple of her other finishes. She and I both were coughing and taking various kinds of drugs. She was on some kind of heavy-duty codeine kind of stuff and looked a bit glazed much of the weekend, but that did nothing to deter her production or the quality of her quilts.

I really was a slacker at taking photos. Sherron was doing amazing applique and Honna finally got her Quilt for a Cure top together and Marsha was doing all kinds of things and Judy was still fooling around with snowballs and Helen was a study in turquoise and brown and Cecelia and Eileen and Nubbin were way down at the other end, each doing interesting things.

I could have taken a lot more pictures but that would have resulted in a lot less sewing!

I really was delighted to get my CW Snowballs top finished. I love how it turned out and I wanted to get a picture of it on the fence, the way Sue used to do with her quilts. I wasn't counting on the breeze.

Once this was finished and folded, I got to work on my Blooming Nine Patch. Joe and I had picked out the fabrics about a year and a half ago, and they've been sitting quietly on the shelf until now. I enjoyed cutting strips and putting little 9 patches together. The trick for this quilt is going to be finding a place to lay the whole thing out to assemble, once all the pieces are ready. We're talking about taking over Fellowship Hall some Saturday after Easter as a White Oak Reunion day -- and that's my target to have everything ready to go on my Blooming Nine Patch.

I had a really good time, cough or no cough. And yet I'm glad to be home to my honey and my kitty and my vaporizer.


Lorraine said…
Glad you had a good weekend away....cough or no cough....I haven't been away but have had fun in the sewing room for most of the weekend - today is housework day! (maybe)
Helen said…
Sounds like it was a fabulous weekend. Your snowball quilt is so pretty.

Wish you had been feeling better, but sounds like a great time in spite of the "bug".
From a distance the Snowball quilt looks like the pieces are round - wonderful!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Please take good care. Your snowball quilt is stunning on the fence... well done, you! Cough or no cough...
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your CW Snowball quilt Nancy.....
Hope you are better soon.
Gretchen said…
I LOVE the CW snowball quilt! Magnifique! Your retreat sounds like so much fun, wish you hadn't been sick.
Glad you had a good time, Nancy. Love all the quilts, especially the CW snowball! Hope you feel better.
graceamazes said…
Be sure to click on her CW snowball quilt and notice the tiny sawtooth triangle border! It's lovely!

word verification: hersh (harsh, if you've been imbibing...)
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the snowballs! Way to rally through a cold!!!
Nicole said…
When a really bad cough has you down, you cannot beat a medicine that contains codeine. I am so glad you were able to get away and enjoy yourself in spite of the cough!
Glad you had a good time. The quilts, yours and TUrbo's are gorgeous.
Tbs. of honey, a Tbs. of lemon juice and a Tbs. of bourbon - good cough medicine, but I think you had better see a doc.
I Hope you'll be through with this cold soon.
WV - myerical
My Eric'll be over soon to give you a massage.