Molly, I Did It!

Molly is the recipient of October's monthly block exchange for the Fat Quarters group. I believe she sent a different block from a BOM to each participant. I got Milky Way. The fabrics are just yummy. The thing is, the diagram didn't tell me what size the finished block was supposed to be!

And there wasn't quite enough of the background fabric. After a quick consult with Molly, we decided I'd fill in from stash, since the finished quilt is intended to be utterly scrappy. And so I did. This little finish-at-seven-and-a-half block has sixty-four pieces in it!

All of that being said, there was nothing at all complicated about it, and it was a lot of fun to watch it come together.

I sure hope it's right!

Molly, it'll be in the mail tomorrow. And there's nothing left over!


*karendianne. said…
Oh friend, this is VERY cute!!!
Pat said…
Sometimes the simplest blocks end up looking the coolest. Very nice!!
love love love it! It's adorable!
Nicole said…
Very interesting block! That is a lot of pieces!
Oooo, I like that block. 7.5" huh? Odd size. I may have to graph that one out and experiment.