No Sweat

Y'know, I really thought Chez was gonna get on this one. But I guess he's too busy enjoying his adorable daughter. Which is a pretty good excuse, if you ask me. Though he did break radio silence to reflect on the balloon boy insanity. But I digress.

Since he's apparently passing on this one, I'm going to take a stab at it. But don't expect a lot.

I don't get it. People paid upwards of $9000 to be degraded, starved, sleep deprived, and parched, in hopes of getting rich -- erm, "to enjoy total abundance and true wealth financial, relationally, mentally, physically and spiritually."

I mean, I've checked out James Arthur Ray's website. I've read his "biography." I've looked at the various seminars he offers at various costs. Oy.

And people were -- literally -- dying to get what he has to offer. Beverley Bunn, one of the survivors, provides the gory details here, in case you're one of the three or so people who don't already know what happened in Sedona at the hand of James Arthur Ray.

How naive, how lazy, how stupid, how I-don't-know-what were these people who had more money than sense, that they signed up for such an experience? Don't they have any idea what life is about? Do they really, really think that money can buy happiness?

All right. Rant over. Got it off my chest. Think I'm gonna go back over to Chez's and admire the baby. He's got the right idea after all.


Kimberly Mason said…
HOly crap! I haven't watched the news this week so I was unaware of this...this...omg.

If you can read this, you probably aren't starving...not for food, anyway. But if you can read this, I think that there is a very good chance that you are really, really hungry, as these people were. When will we learn that there is not a magic formula, no short cut, no hidden secret?? I really don't know what to say. Thank you for making me aware, Nancy.
Pat said…
People just don't use the sense God gave them. Very very difficult to understand.
Di said…
Pat said what I was going to say, only nicer.

I love Chez. I would marry him if I were younger, lol.
There are some people whom I call Seekers. They think that everyone got a script but them. They'll join all sorts of nutty things, hoping there are Answers. They're ripe for sects (which often involve sex, too.) We knew people like that when we were volunteers - not just the people who called the crisis line either.