Staying Home

As our accreditation visit draws nearer, the anxiety level at school has picked up and the stress over the visit seems to have spilled into all kinds of non-related areas. I've had a week of calendar nightmares -- scheduling meetings for folks with diverse responsibilities and diverse calendars of their own, rescheduling meetings that didn't happen, and having a bunch of people show up for a meeting that somebody had canceled but not told me. I tell you, I'm glad it is Friday.

Joe is going down to DC tonight to visit Andrew and Amy and visit the Solar Decathlon on the Mall. I had been scheduled to go along but yesterday after I determined that my job was temporarily out to get me, I decided to forego six or eight hours coming and going on I-95 even if it meant foregoing time with A&A, just to regroup.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair cut, my nails done, and having dinner with my sister. And sleeping, reading, and sewing. And trying not to answer the phone!

The picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post or anything else, except it is one of the pictures on the box of notecards I bought last week in Cape May to use to make invitations for Anastasia's baby shower next month. I thought the bunnies and kitties were irresistible.


Pat said…
You know, I love my DH, but sometimes the most relaxing "vacation" weekends are those when he is off doing something else and I am home alone.

Your picture really made me smile as I'm sitting here looking out of my office window onto a dismal, dreary Philly sky line.

This too will pass. Peace, sistah!
Unknown said…
the look on that kitten's face is priceless - enjoy your peace and quiet - you've definitely earned it :o)
You need a well deserved break. I hope you enjoy your quiet day tomorrow. Happy sleeping, reading and sewing.
Quiltdivajulie said…
Do enjoy your "unplugged" day ~ it is SO important to take care of yourself! (related or not, I LOVE that photo)
*karendianne. said…
Gosh girl you rock. I dig the way you're handling this. You set a good example. Laa dee dah... if you sew woman - pics please!
Gari in AL said…
Both DH and I have been through this kind of visit (DH=school, me=hospital) and recognized the stress you were talking about. In both of our experiences, all went well. But when you are in the "hub" of the turmoil, it can be a really crazy time. Our thoughts are with you.
Tanya said…
Cute picture! I hope you get your rest and relaxation and feel refreshed and revived!
Hurray for you! You're more or less going to relax.Reading about your week made me short of breath. I remember weeks like that at work. I hope you have a very relaxing week-end.
Love the picture.
MV- recrat: someone who hangs around the gym.
Lorraine said…
Good luck with the accreditation...hope all the hard work pays off.....nice to see you had a relaxing weekend planned....sounds wonderfully relaxing!
Micki said…
Enjoy your trip and tell us all about it!
Leslie said…
This comment has nothing to do with the post. :) I recently enjoyed reading Needled's post about her visit to Philadelphia - from Scotland to the US to do a lecture series - and thought of you. Even if you just scroll the pictures, it's so atmospheric. Cheer!
Ms. Jan said…
What a great report Nancy! I know what you mean, my hubby is a dream-guy, but I do treasure alone time. You and Amy are such teases about this RR, can't wait to see it!