Quilt Day at Church

The Umpteenth Semi-Annual Quilt Day at our church was held today and, IMNSHO, was a huge success!  There were 28 in attendance.  Breakfast and lunch (both abundant and delicious) were served (and one of the desserts was a pineapple upside down cake!) and door prizes were dispensed along with tiny hand-made favors.  All for a whopping $15!

Joe I went down to the church last night and laid out Second Hand Clothes on the floor in the nursery across the hall from where we were quilting.  It's a queen size, and I don't have a large enough place at home to lay it out.  I made great progress today, getting all of the blocks put together into their diagonal rows, and furthermore getting the middle five longest rows sewn together!  The remaining rows are organized and I believe I will be able to finish it from here.

At home, you can see I'm working on two projects.  One is the main project and one is the leader-ender and they squabble incessantly about which is which.  I'm trying to give them equal time.  The pink and gray one that I think of as Dying Of Cute takes a while.  It is all HSTs and I use Piecemeal's method of cutting the squares at 3-1/4 and then after stitching and pressing, trimming them down to 2-1/2.  I used it as a leader-ender today while working on Second Hand Clothes, so I've got a lot of pressing and trimming ahead of me some boring night.  The other project, well, somebody (I can't remember who) wrote that Argyle, Anyone? would make up right nice in CWs and that was all it took for me to open that Rubbermaid Tub of CWs and get started.  I'm trying out a different layout, and with the recent goings-on in Egypt, have been thinking of this quilt as Spare The Pyramids!  May or may not stay with this layout, but that's what I've got now.  It is going to be a gift for -- oh, wait, I think it should be a surprise.


Salem Stitcher said…
28 quilters! That's a lot of inspiration in one room. AND pineapple upside down cake! That's almost too much to stand.
Judi said…
Glad to read that your church quilting day was such a success!

I am totally with you in making HSTs slightly big and trimming them down. It's tedious to do all that trimming, but the pay-off is worth it.

J x
altar ego said…
I'm reminded of the time I sandwiched and pinned a quilt on the floor of the chancel in the church. Not only was it large enough to accommodate the task, but the floor was marble, which made the job a whole lot easier! (And somewhere I've got pictures of that stage of the project.) Glad you had such a good day!
Whoever organized your quilt day did a super job! blessings, marlene
ql said…
Love the argyle quilt. I'm thinking that pattern would be great with blacks and whites. I just so happen to have a collection. Uh oh.