Moving Right Along

The Good Guys went out to dinner the other night.  I hadn't been with them for six months; I was sick when they gathered at Christmas time.  So I was really looking forward to the evening.  Peggy, who had moved to another state a little more than ten years ago, has returned to Philadelphia, where she is living in Center City, and has been welcomed back into our little group.  It was as if she'd never been away.  We caught up, drank some wine, and tried to plan to get together again.  A good evening.

On the quilting front, I picked up Neapolitan from the machine quilter and am on the second side of the binding.  This is my February project for Nancy's UFO challenge, and I am confident it will be done before February is.  I also left Sister's Choice to be quilted.  The UFO for March is Cinnamon Latte; I'm hoping to leave it with the quilter when I pick up Sister's Choice.

In a little more than two weeks, we have a White Oak Getaway.  I'm so eager!  I believe my project is going to be Justin's wedding quilt and have pretty much decided that it is going to be Emily Cier's Irish Chain; I just can't get that quilt out of my head.  I'll stop and pick up background fabric on the way.  Oh, I can't wait!


Pat said…
I dearly love that picture. The Good Guys post came before I started following your blog; you all have been through some difficult times together. It is a measure of your friendship and love that you have been Good Guys together for so long.
Deb said…
I absolutely LOVE the cinnamon latte quilt and when I blew up the picture - OMG it's batik's my favorite. Where did you get the pattern? I have such a huge stash of batiks I could make a similar one. How do you get your projects completed so fast? I think I've been in SLOW motion lately...not nearly as productive this winter as usual, but then the 4 BOM's that I'm doing are bogging me down. Not starting any more of those for a while.
antique quilter said…
wow you have been busy!
its wonderful that you have a great group of women friends that have stayed together all these years.
Kathie who is off to click all your links and be wowed I am sure!
Salem Stitcher said…
What's better the anticipation of a getaway or the actual getaway? I think they are equally wonderful myself.