Music Has Charms to Soothe

I've seen the videos of the flash mobs, you know, where you are at a food court waiting for your corned beef special and all at once you are made aware that some of your fellow shoppers/diners are something more:  they are members of a choir, and a performance has begun, right there, amidst the stir-fry stand and the burger place.  I love these videos and have wished and wished to be somewhere when it happened.

Today: The next best thing.  I was sitting at my desk, stressed to the second power by things at work and things in my other, my real life.  Someone had just left after trying to change a project I'd just spent the better part of two days completing.  I was thinking thoughts too unQuakerly to even verbalize . . . .

Then I noticed a group gathering in the lobby.  Quietly.  So I went out to see what was happening.  There was the Copenhagen Girls Choir, visiting our school today as part of the United States tour.  They sang.  They opened their mouths and this lovely, lovely sound emerged and dissolved my stress.  Later in the day I had the opportunity to hear them again at an assembly.

Serendipitously, much earlier in the morning, I had read this post by one Mike Croghan, as part of a little exercise in visiting links on blogs I follow.  I liked it so much, but certainly didn't expect to be reminded of it just a few hours later!

"Music has Charms to soothe a savage Breast,
To soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak"

And remind one of God.