What I'm Up To

I'm working on two very different projects right now.   This is "Dying of Cute."  The HSTs are all made and each night I trim eighteen of them.  I assemble sixteen into a block and set the other two aside to go into another block sometime later on.

I love the fabrics, and I love the look of the blocks, and most especially I love how they work together to look like alternating rings of pink and gray.  I'm going to love the quilt when it is finished.

But it is not the most challenging or rewarding project.

On another part of the design wall, however, we have what is presently exciting me.  I had bought these batik FQs when I was in Richmond with a plan to make a quilt out of the Kaffe book that I purchased the same day.

And then I got this other idea.  And I figured Kaffe wasn't going to go anyplace.  I had to make some North Wind blocks.  I just had to.  And I'm loving them.  So much.  I make two identical blocks each night.

So that is what I'm up to these evenings.  There's a kind of a rhythm to it, a predictability.  Which is really rather nice, right now.  What are you up to?


Gari in AL said…
I overloaded myself with BOMs this year. And three of them are doing 2 blocks each month. I keep thinking I will stop one or two but I love each one so I keep going. Yesterday and today was prepping applique: tedious. I wouldn't do it except I love what I wind up with.
Susan said…
I'm not up to much of anything at the moment. We've been traveling to see our kids on weekends and during the week I've been bogged down with paperwork for school. My sewing room is looking rather cluttered and I'm a little overwhelmed by the number of projects I have that need completion. Hopefully, I'll be spending some time on these during spring break next week and will clear a few of these projects out.
LizA. said…
Mmmm, I reallylikethepink & gray--I'm still trying to figure lite at I'm doing with my bundle of gray...plus all the other grays I've added to it. I'm working on some secret projects I can't talk about.
Salem Stitcher said…
I love the North Wind blocks. Sometimes quilter's just gotta do what she's got to do. Sometimes I get a tremendous urge to cut up a bunch of fabric. I'm due for that any day now...like I need to start another project.

I've been quilting shop samples and working on the borders for a gift quilt that is way over due. But, I've also got some black and white fabric sitting there on the corner of my cutting table...taunting me. I may have to cut it up this weekend...you know, just to teach it a lesson.
Pat said…
I love both prjects, Nancy! Those northwind blocks will grow up to be a wonderful quilt. I'm taking a break from that albatross of a CW quilt and making burp cloths for my daughter and baby Alma using pieces of flannel I've been hording. Not the most challenging, but I am having fun practicing freehand machine quilting on them. It's very relaxing!
Kimberly Mason said…
Ooooh! I'm loving the pink and prints.

Ha! My word verification word is "nocabl" -- how appropriate to the moment! I was just mourning the fact that I am stuck in a technology void here. Neighbors on either side of me have broadband internet, I do not.
Anonymous said…
Still maintain the grey (gray?) and pinks are a sophisticated combination. Surprising.

But what I really wanted to comment on are the batiks. You know, not everyone can do batiks, but you surely have it all figured out. Loving them.

howdidIgethere said…
I'm in San Francisco for a conference, so I'm not working on much right now. Except (unfortunately) adding to my stash. Took BART to Berkeley yesterday to a shop called "Stone Mountain and Daughter". Found some fabric with California sights (none with just Bay area, alas) and bought some FQ (like I NEED more FQs...) Enjoyed browsing -- they had the full line of Wm. Morris tapestry in yardage, but I controlled myself, since I need to plan a project with the substantial stash WM that I already own.

SABLE -- stash acquisition beyond life expectancy! That's me!