My Jewish Cactus and Other Matters

This past December, the Christmas Cactus didn't bloom. And we didn't know why.  We'd thought that those plants bloomed more than once.  Each year, in fact.

Well, yesterday the chef at school told me he'd laid in a mighty supply of matzo and was talking with a couple of the Jewish faculty members about possible interesting lunches for Passover.  And I came and found You Know Who in full bloom!  It's become a Passover Cactus!  Mazel Tov!  Don't worry that the adjacent rabbit is an Easter bunny that is going to offend; the rabbit lives on the sill year-round -- he's a treasure from the home of  a dear friend long gone.

It's been a day of unusual good things.  First, a long-awaited visit from Honna.  It was so good to catch up on what has been going on for each of us.  Joe and Blackberry finished Intermediate Dog School and bounded in just as we were finishing.

Off we went then to the Flourtown Farmer's Market for lunch and shopping for some dinner things for the week ahead and then the Asian produce market for a nice fresh pineapple and some gorgeous asparagus.

And then, the piece de resistance:  a brown paper parcel from England had arrived!  A blog friend had made a quilt using Liberty fabrics and kindly agreed to trade me her scraps in exchange for some neutrals.

Does it get any better than this?


Charleen said…
Your cactus story had me laughing, remembering many years ago when I worked in a synagogue office. Every time I proofread my typing I found that I had typed the word rabbit instead of rabbi. It was not an easy fix back in those days of cutting stenos and correction tape!