This Way and That

The batik North Wind blocks have prevailed (prevailing winds from the North, right?) over Dying of Cute.  Those little pink and gray sweethearts have been set aside for a more peaceable time.  For just as these blocks are going this way and that, so am I.  And, frankly, I'm not crazy about it.

Not wanting to settle into a detailed whine, suffice it to say that it's the hiring season at the school where I work and much of my time is spent on tedious detail work.  A committee from church has me at sixes and sevens; I'm having trouble reconciling myself to what they are trying to accomplish.  Worst of all, I'm over-committed in the sewing division:  I agreed to two one-on-one craft swaps and I still have five Pay It Forward projects to produce.  Plus a couple of blocks that I've agreed to make for folks.  And the COW swap to try to organize.  And a quilting workshop I'm putting together for ten days from now.

So, like the North Wind blocks, I'm This Way and That.  Oddly, I have the perfect fabric for the setting triangles already -- it was left over from some other batik project I made.  This Way and That.  It's how I feel, and working on the blocks actually helps me to focus, to settle down, to take pleasure in process.  When life mimics art, or something.


Pat said…
Repeat after me: "I am a wonderful person, and gifted with talents and friends galore, BUT I AM NOT SUPERWOMAN!!!!!!" Take a deep breath.
Salem Stitcher said…
I love that you find a calm spot in the process of this quilt and still enjoy it with all else that you have on you. That's why I come here to hear words from a wise woman who makes me laugh and think.
altar ego said…
I like the look of your batik squares, and am grateful on your behalf that the sewing offers some calm in the midst of prevailing winds. No platitudes from this quarter, just confidence in you that YOU will prevail!
howdidIgethere said…
Agreeing with Pat about that deep breath thing...

The craft swapping crafts, Pay it Forward projects, other blocks, and COW swap are not... repeat NOT emergencies.

And if there's anything I can do to help with the workshop prep, give a yell!

WV: adomp -- the opposite of "aplomb"
Quiltdivajulie said…
Let go and breathe . . . no one expects you to do it all (and if they do, they are out of line, to say the least).

The cow swap is a fun idea but it is not a crisis ~ this cow is happy to wait before beginning (too much on my plate, too).

I can relate to the committee with whom you feel mis-aligned ... we listen to our younger son vent about that same kind of situation in his congregation (he sits on several committees). Very tricky to balance personal values with church goals with committee politics. VERY.

May the batiks allow you some quiet time in your suddenly-noisy world.