Without a Doubt

I wrote earlier about a phenomenon at our church: The Living Last Supper*.

It's been an interesting experience, living with "Thomas" these weeks.  The parts were chosen/assigned at the group's initial meeting.  The Pastor had some suggestions of who might be whom, but first he asked for a volunteer to play Judas.  Pat stepped right up, possibly to the relief of the others.  Endom was asked to be Jesus.  And you already know that my husband became Thomas.

After that first meeting they met in character, trying to fit themselves into the parts.  The doubter had no trouble with that, frequently accusing Jesus of being inconsistent, of talking in circles.  Thomas was apparently a builder, so it was a good fit for an architect.  During discussion, in response the question of "Why did Jesus choose you?" Thomas replied that the two had a business relationship.  As a builder, he often used Jesus for finish carpentry work.  And besides, He already had enough fishermen.

They've studied and worked together, writing their own dialog and helping each other fine-tune things.  Their costumes have been altered.  They've shed their watches, their shoes (Thaddeus, apparently, proposed a group visit to the pedicurist), and their eyeglasses.  The enactment is tomorrow night.

Break a leg, disciples.  Break a leg.

*Yes, it is the original painting.  But the faces have been photoshopped.  Thomas is to the left, wearing teal and holding up one finger.


MB in MI said…
please let us know how they all do!! what a wonderful thing! Happy Easter!
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Thomas, without a doubt... clever.
altar ego said…
I love it, especially the pedicure part!
Anonymous said…
Can't see the picture, too tiny. ;-(

Anonymous said…
This is a lovely Holy Thursday event for a church to do.... Do hope it helped nudge some "undecided" to follow Christ in life not just on Sunday.