Mayfly Madness Design

Somebody asked me if I'd share the plan for the baby quilt top I just finished creating.  Well, I was flattered, of course, so here it is, in its own rather pathetic form.

Since I'm not a pattern designer and have no art or drafting training, I just began with a piece of graph paper and a pencil and drew the first sawtooth star and then started building around it.  Each square on the graph paper finishes at 1-1/2 inches.  The sawtooth star is a basic 6" finished piece. 

To know how to assemble the little squares, I made components and put a little code beside the pattern.  For example, the "K" component is 2 x 4 squares, and I needed 4 of them.  I worked on one unit of components at a time, starting with the star in the upper right with the 2 "D" and one "H" and one "J".  Then I moved to the left and did that star-A-J-F unit, and so forth with the H-star-K unit being the last one.

And, yes, I cut out all of the individual squares and did not use strip sets.

I know that for those who have EQ, my technique is absolutely primitive.  But it works for me, and if you want to download and print out my "pattern," please do!  Just don't go transforming it into something you can publish and make money at.  That wouldn't be nice.


Janet O. said…
I really like this--thanks for the design. I will use it soon.
This is exactly how I design my quilts. It gets the job done. I make one for almost every quilt, 'cause even if I use a pattern I am switching it up somewhere.
I am on a Mac and don't plan on switching, so EQ is not an option.
Yuki said…
That was very nice of you! I love graph paper, too. When I am in a veggin' mode, graph paper & colored pencils are just the thing!

ttfn :) Yuki
Anonymous said…
You did a wonderful job of explaining and showing your process of designing this quilt. I don't have EQ and don't plan on getting it, so I'm going to copy your method. Thanks for sharing.
Janet O. said…
I'm back! I need clarification. You say each square finishes at 1 1/2 inches, so I understand that to mean that you cut each square at 2" to start, right? I know that seems like a stupid question, but I just need to be sure I understand before I make my notes for my future quilt!
Anonymous said…
Hi Nancy - Derek / Hayley from Starclippers here. Send us an email -
AnnieO said…
I'm a pencil and graph paper gal myself :) Thanks for the design!