Things the Postman Delivered

Blogless Kathy B was struck by some sort of a Dreaded Cleaning Virus recently, and her studio was the area most affected.  She offered up two sets of blocks, one was to be sight-unseen.

I said I'd take them off her hands to make hospice quilts and the parcel that arrived today contained this beautiful set of blocks plus a generous sized piece of the focus fabric.  There are more than a dozen blocks, and I believe I can turn them into a lovely quilt for a hospice patient.

 The second set of blocks that Kathy sent was a group I was familiar with; they were the yield from the Coffee with Cream swap we did several years ago.  I'd made a lot of them and they turned into a most satisfactory quilt that became a wedding gift.

Generous Kathy B sent not one but two big pieces of coordinating fabric; one will be enough to be a back and the other will set the blocks into another terrific hospice quilt, this one, I think, for a gentleman.

At the beginning of this year, Anya and I entered into a maker's choice kind of a swap, to be completed before year's end.

Anya's part of the bargain is complete -- she sent me this wonderful handbag that is so autumn without being blatant autumn with orange and brown leaves all over it.  Look at the care she put into this project!  And these aren't Anya's regular colors!

There's a magnetic clasp and this sweet side pocket with a darling yo-yo.  I started carrying it on the first chilly day.

My part of the bargain will be fulfilled, too.  Before year's end!

For unknown reasons, I failed to post when Kathy B's cow sauntered in a few weeks ago.  I had my mind on other things, and the cows were all gathered together in a pasture downstairs, and then this grazing bovine appeared in the mail.

Thanks so much, Kathy!


Thelma said…
Sounds like those unwanted blocks found the perfect home! What a great idea, I have a couple of projects that I no longer have any interest in, I bet someone else would. I need to do some cleaning myself,
Janet O. said…
Kathy B.'s block sets are beautiful. I'm glad they found a home where they will be put to good use .
That handbag is gorgeous. You are right--warm and fall-ish without advertising for acorns and leaves.
Very good-looking cow. Kind of contented, don't you think? : )
Anonymous said…
Thanks for giving my blocks a good home :-) Sometimes the dreaded cleaning virus is a good thing!
Kathy B