Stars and Bars, 2011 Style

When my kids' closest friends are expecting babies, if I know the parents-to-be and like them a lot, I make a quilt for the new baby.

Tom and Anastasia's friends, S&A, are expecting at long last, after some real doubts about whether this would ever happen.

I had bought this fabric about a year ago when I was visiting Tom in Richmond, knowing it would make a cute baby quilt, but not sure exactly what the design would be.  I love the richness of the batiks.  If you look closely, the background fabric is rainbow stars.  I'm going to have my machine quilter quilt stars all over and even though I don't generally go for light bindings, I'm going to bind this in the background fabric.  I have just enough.


Sharon said…
Very cute baby quilt! They will love it.

So glad to see you've started blogging! I've so enjoyed your contributions to the Lib Quilters on Yahoo. I'll be coming back for more!
Janet O. said…
Wow, Nancy. I can't even keep up with quilts for babies that are related to me. This is very kind of you. Cute, bright baby quilt. The background will look good as a binding.
Beautiful, Nancy, and I agree the binding will be perfect with its subtlety. The batiks shimmer—I bet even more n the sunlight.
howdidIgethere said…
I especially love the thin inner border/frame of assorted batiks! Kudos!
Quayquilter said…
Super - very grahic and unusual and it works. What joy! - Mary
Tanya said…
Cute baby quilt! It looks like building block. And rainbows and stars are always good for a baby!