Still Alive

Still alive, but out of commission.

The crud hit on Tuesday afternoon; at that point I was hoping it was leaf mold allergy.  By night-time, it was clearly much more than that.

Stayed home from work on Wednesday and Thursday and went in for just a couple of hours this morning.  Trying everything I can to keep it from morphing into bronchitis.

Cold medicine helps.  Naps, tea and keeping warm help.  My dear neighbor's chicken soup helped.  Fabric therapy hasn't hurt -- I'm putting borders on "Good Morning Starshine," and "Pictures at an Exhibition" came home from the machine quilter today.

Back soon, if all goes well.


Janet O. said…
Hope you are better soon. Miss your wit and wisdom. Pictures of quilted "Pictures at an Exhibition" soon?
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
Feel better, Nancy, I am reveling today in your newest, best news for next year! :)
get better up......
Judi said…
Oh Nancy, I so hope this isn't your usual winter ills hitting already, and it's only October!

Take good care of yourself, and feel better soon.