Mayfly Madness is a Flimsy!

I've spent most of this weekend smiling.  Because I've spent most of this weekend putting this quilt together. Besides being amazingly cute fabrics, they feel wonderful -- working with them is an absolute joy.

Now I need to put a back together, make a sandwich, and start pin-basting because, yes, it is going to be hand-quilted.

Size:  About 38" square
Fabric:  Mayfly Mischief by Tony Fernandes for Clothworks

Click to see the amazing prints, please!


Brava !~! Lovely and hand-quilting it will give the charm such a cute pattern deserves. Enjoy it.
Bobbi said…
Who'dda thunk it, brown could be so darn cute and right for a baby! Great!
LizA. said…
I definitely agree with Bobbi--who'da thunk. This is just darling. I really, really like it.
Susan said…
Love how the star at the top just floats off the edge! Very charming!!
Anonymous said…
Great quilt for a baby!
Kathy B
Janet O. said…
I really like this quilt, Nancy. You've done a great job with it, and hand-quilting will make it extra special.
Quayquilter said…
This looks so pleasing and so enjoyable to do - Mary