A Tale of Woe (But It Ends Well)

In the massive clean-up/clean-out on Saturday I came across these: bunches and bunches of pink and gray HSTs. I remembered making them as a leader-ender project many months ago. I even remembered the wonderful plan I had for them.

So I set them aside, and did not pack them away. Instead, I added them to the list of projects discovered that needed fairly quick attention.
Not long after that, I came across 17 blocks made from pink and gray HSTs. I had a vague recollection of planning a 30 block quilt, 5 across and 6 down. It looked like I was more than half-way!

So I took the HST pile and divided it into groups of sixteen, the number needed for one block. And thought, "I can make 13 more of these blocks. And I can do it pretty soon! I'll have this quilt done in no time! So I plunged in and made the first block.

When it was finished and pressed, I went to put it up on the wall.

Oh, no!!!!!!

I must have cut and made the HSTs for the first 17 blocks and once I had them together, must have set everything aside for an indefinite time. And when I resumed work, I set to making HSTs again, and made them what appears to be a quarter-inch larger!  Again I howl, "Oh, no!!!!!"

 I started to ponder my options of what I could do.

I could either cut down the bazillion HSTs that I had sorted into piles.

Or I could make two little girl quilts instead of one big girl quilts, one of which would be somewhat larger than the other.

So I got to work with Option Two

And -- viola! Here's a finished quilt for a very little girl. Clicking to enlarge will reveal the secondary pattern that delights me so.

I'm thinking of them as Thing One and Thing Two. I know there is one HST here on Thing One that is set the wrong way. And I'm leaving it right there. When I made Thing Two, I'm going to reverse the order of the borders.

I still can't believe I had been so scatterbrained!


a great lemons to lemonade example for all of us who quilt!
Nancy said…
Not scatter-brained... resourceful :o) They look lovely.
Ms. C said…
Wow - the pattern is really great. Some little girl is going to love them.
Janet O. said…
Good save, Nancy! Thing One is a thing of beauty. Here's to the future Thing Two!
LizA. said…
Very clever save. I usually get so frustrated with myself at that point that I can't think clearly enough to come up with a such a simple idea to save the project(s) and end up with a win/win. Good job.
Barbara Anne said…
Love your solution to this unwelcome surprise! Cute quilt and the secondary pattern is charming.

When I make blocks or have leftover block units, I always tuck cutting measurements in with them after having the unhappy experience and a far less stellar ending than you did.

Thanks for adding "optional" to the Name/URL identity!!!!

That was a very creative save!
Jindi's Cottage said…
Great layout...so pretty...we all have oops! moments, good save...