Named for his maternal grandfather, Alvin was teased a lot as a child, especially at Christmas time. Believing themselves to be oh-so-original, people would give him harmonicas and wait to see the reaction. Alvin was gracious and grew up to be a well-adjusted guy. A devoted husband and father, he works in an antiques shop and enjoys handball. Not surprisingly, he goes by "Al."

I may just have to sew some miniscule buttons on his shirt.

Next up -- at last -- Tom Daley, the bronze medalist in the microscopic Speedo . . . .


LizA. said…
Oooooh, looking forward to seeing that speedo! I am so enjoying meeting everybody and hearing their stories. You tell them so much better than NBC did.
Loving the stories. So thankful Al made it past the harmonica years.
AnnieO said…
My Dad's name is Alvin and he was named after a grandfather :) However, he much prefers politics and computers to antiques!