Place Holder Post


It's a busy time. At work. At home.

 I'm hoping to get those give-away mug rugs made this weekend and to get them in the mail on Monday. I hoped that last Friday, too. Perhaps this weekend will be different.

It's been a long spell of too much going on -- much of it good stuff -- and a deep-down feeling of tired.

 The sewing studio still looks tidy and orderly and that isn't because I haven't been sewing! I've been forcing myself to tidy up a bit when I quit for the day. I'm working on a secret project that will be revealed at the appropriate time.

Joe is away for a bit and Blackberry is despondent. I'm trying to spend more time with him. I have high hopes for the weekend: I'm looking forward to a quality visit with Honna, a dinner with my cousin and sister, the mug rugs, and some time just to Be.

I'll resume regular content soon. Until then, here are Aberdeen, Tom, and Nate, in various moods.


Janet O. said…
This post will save your place nicely--and keep you in our thoughts.
Salem Stitcher said…
Life gets a little crazy sometimes. Give blackberry a hug from me!
And that photo...those faces...perfection!
Pat said…
You can tread water here in blogland as long as you post a picture of you wonderful family every once in a while. I just love this one! Poor Blackberry. And poor Joe when he returns and walks in the door -- he'd better brace himself!
Barbara Anne said…
Take all the time you need and enjoy the serenity of a lovely, organized sewing room when you get the chance to look inside or go in to sew.

Will Blackberry over-frolick Joe on his return?

Love the family photo! Don't you wonder what Nate wanted rather than have his picture taken?

Did your Northern VA family get as much rain last night and today as we near Richmond did?? Glub, glub. Not complaining mind you as I love rainy days and puddles of lamplight.