Population Growth

Usain Bolt is complete and ready to go to the podium to receive his medal. He's waiting for Gabby Douglas, and the medals will arrive in a week. Fortunately he has the company of Cecelia Wellington while he waits. Cecelia fancies white tights and buys her clothes at Liberty of London. Meanwhile Tom Daley and Gabby are in the planning stages.

Another swap participant's personnel arrived yesterday, literally bursting out of their postal packet. There are three more groups outsanding and the due date is mail by Labor Day. I'm confident that all my ducks people will be in a row by then.

These days I seem to look at everyone through the lens of body elements. Campers going through the lobby at school, wait staff in uniforms, all of them seem able to be broken down into bits of fabric. It's addictive, I tell you.


Janet O. said…
It is a good thing you have immortalized Usain. Otherwise he might have been forgotten. : )
Picking backgrounds was my hang-up. Dressing the little folks was fun. Your little athletes are delightful.
LizA. said…
I suppose that's better than how I'm looking at things lately--will it all ft in this box and if it does, will I be able to lift it?