Photos from City Quilter Visit

Thank you for your patient waiting for me to upload these photos that I took at City Quilter on Friday. They have one room that is a gallery and there were gorgeous quilts on display. We were encouraged to take pictures, so I did. I regret that I did not write down the name of the artist. I thought the work was beautiful.


Then there is this photo that was taken in one of the other areas and is not part of the artist's exhibit. It is a terrific tote bag; the pattern was for sale there, but I didn't purchase it nor did I note the name. Yes, they are buttons.


Barbara Anne said…
Isn't it sheer delight to see the works of other quilters, where their imaginations and color sense have taken them, and to be astonished, amazed, inspired by those quilts and fabric wonders?!

Thank you for sharing the quilts and tote bag with us!

Unknown said…
Love these quilts especially the latter two in the monochrome colourway - they remind me of dockyards - so many have gone here in the UK as manufacturing industries have died a death as we buy products from abroad these days
Lori said…
Great quilt and fun tote bag!