Quilt Along: A Different Take

Lori is running another one of her quilt alongs and this time it is a mystery. I'm not big on mysteries -- the kind where you buy yards and yards of expensive fabric with no idea of what the finished project will look like and whether, in fact, your fabric choices are of the right values, etc. -- but Lori's mystery uses scraps, and, by gum, I've got a bunch. The finished project is a doll-size quilt. And I've got personnel who have dolls.

Thing is, though, Lori is a Civil War person and her project, if you've followed the link above (and I hope you have), is made from all kinds of CW scraps. I, on the other hand (when the first hand has not been mentioned), am in the process of phasing out my CW phase and currently have an abundance of Kaffe Collective scraps. So that's what I'm going with. Who knows how it will turn out!

Lori is a kind and generous person, and, in fact, a really good hugger (I know from experience). She didn't mind when I used purple where she used brown in a previous QA. But, all of those fine characteristics notwithstanding, I'm hoping I'm not the first person in history to be thrown out of a quilt along!


Quiltdivajulie said…
I rather doubt you'll be tossed out . . . she does mention 30s or modern in her post!

I'll be watching . . .
Barbara Anne said…
Having been assured by very experienced quilters that there are no quilt police, methinks your place in Jill's quilt-along is secure. Besides, she's nice, so you're okay!

Janet O. said…
*LOL* Fun post, Nancy. : )
You are certainly not lagging with this QAL. I think I cut half of my squares yesterday.
I don't do big mystery quilts, either, but this seems like a safe bet, doesn't it?
Lori said…
Your Kaffe fabric is perfect!
Kat said…
I don't usually "do" mysteries either, but this is doable, and I love Lori, so am giving it a go as well! Won't it be fun to see how different, yet the same they are?
The last mystery I did was one with Lori, while visiting and attending Sisters Quilt Show. It was a 2 color quilt, so right up my alley! Love that quilt and the memory we made that week :)