Dancing Ladies Learn New Steps?

They've been my logo for years now, as far back as I can remember, really.

I've made them for friends, appliquéd them on the back of a vest, made a wall piece for over the bed, stitched them on tote bags, given them away.

Usually they are batiks, but one time they were black silhouettes on a background of gold stars in a blue-gray sky.

People have, over time, asked me to share the pattern, and I've declined. I don't think I'm selfish, but they are too personal to have them showing up here and there in all kinds of fabrics.

As my quilting has evolved, it occurs to me, perhaps so should the dancing ladies. It might be time to enlarge the pattern and use different fabrics.

Like these.


Synthia said…
I await with bated breath..... I've always loved the ladies on your header. Do you own that carving???
Barbara Anne said…
What a fun project it will be to imagine more dancing ladies into being! Love the fabrics, too.

Janet O. said…
I can't wait to see the ladies dancing in their new garb.
Millie said…
What Julie said, YES YES YES YES YES!!!!