Perhaps the Final Layout

And perhaps not.

It always helps to take a photo before sewing blocks together.


WOW and double it!
Denise in PA said…
I'll put my two cents in to take or leave....I really like this layout!
Barbara Anne said…
Way to go!! I love this quilt!

I also love scrap quilts but you're right, you can certainly endlessly arrange and rearrange the blocks. Comes a time to just sew the blocks together and you'll know when that time has arrived. Will your sweetie take a look, too? DH usually spots anything really amiss in my scrap quilts so he always is asked to look before I sew.

Rain to sleet to snow here today. Joy?

Synthia said…
Very impressive, beautiful and dramatic. With those gorgeous blocks there are so many choices of settings I can see it would be difficult to decide. However, this one is a winner, for sure!!!
I love asymmetrical settings--this is fabulous!
LizA. said…
Love those pops of color in there. The aqua really makes it sing.
Janet O. said…
For what it's worth, it works for me!
Quiltdivajulie said…
You have my address, right? If not, I'll send it along immediately!

Love the off-center layout - have fun tweaking the last minute arrangements.

Vicky F said…
Hi Nancy,
Love the quilt and off -centeredness!
It looks like an old-fashioned photo album with those little triangular corners to keep the photo in place!
So here is another title idea in case you have not decided yet: "Photos from the past" or "Photo albums past".
The turquoise and orange are sure "poppers".