For the past few years, each January someone posts either via blog or Facebook, that there is a Pay It Forward happening. The gist of it is that the first three (or five) people to comment or sign up will be the recipients of a personally selected gift; sometimes it is handmade and sometimes it is a purchased item. The catch, of course, is that each person who signs up must post the same offer. A glorious pyramid scheme!

I've enjoyed participating for the past three years. Last year it was the first week in December before I got my final gift to its rightful recipient. I'm determined to do better this year.

Pictured above are the contents of the box that arrived here from my [as yet] blogless friend in California. The binding tool is something I really do need; I'm still finishing my binding via the old, somewhat bulky overlap technique. The magnetic scissor minder is as gorgeous as it is functional. And those thick, luxurious flowers are actually hand-crocheted (or knit?) and will be just the thing for under hot casseroles on the dining table.

I've got one of my PIFs nailed so far. Just four more to go.


Unknown said…
Missouri Star Quilt Co. Has an excellent video on using the tool. Enjoy!
LizA. said…
Yes, be sure to watch the video. The instructions on the tool itself are a bit lacking and I kept ending up with @2" excess....,,WATCH the video. This is another video that's short, sweet and to the point: http://youtu.be/1c0RFHCmtKI

Only don't mark the lines with pencil -- use chalk or something......trust me.....
Barbara Anne said…
What fun and what stellar gifts your friend in CA chose to send along with the charming hot mats!

I plan to visit that video as I have never seen the binding tool. Off I go!

Oh, and it's forecast to be 66*F here so the last of the snow and ice should melt before 3"-5" of wintery mix lands tomorrow. Come on, spring!