One of the teachers at my school is expecting her first baby, a little girl, in a few weeks. I had so much fun hand-buttonholing these mostly-Liberty dresses that I began a second similar quilt for someone else expecting a baby girl.

Thanks to Himself for being a temporary quilt rack out in the cold air this morning. I took two photos. The other one was a wee bit better of the quilt, but Blackberry was in a kind of Downton Abbey opening credits pose, and I couldn't have that.


Barbara Anne said…
What a charming quilt for this happily awaited little girl! Applause, applause!

Blackberry looks like a well loved friend. A vet we had when living in TX once remarked that you could tell when a dog was beloved because the top of the dog's head would be shiny from all of the petting. Our old Basset's head was very, very shiny as I imagine is Blackberry's.

Synthia said…
The quilt is just adorable!! Making those little dresses is so clever and I'd copy you if I could draw a dress. (grin) Mommy and baby (when she's old enough) will be thrilled!!!
Janet O. said…
You are having fun making these sweet baby quilts. I am impressed.