Elfsters at Last

At last, this week our Guild met! Our January and February meetings both had to be canceled because of terrible weather. Guild is always fun and something I look forward to; this time was particularly enticing because we were finally going to have our Elfster Exchange. Elfster is like a Secret Santa; we do it in January because no one has time to make anything else in December.

I was given the name of Cathy, an energetic lady that I like a lot but don't know very well. Her wish list included a particular ruler and a particular book; I bought both of these. We are encouraged to make something or purchase something hand-made for our Elfster; I love to make aprons and most people -- whether they wear them regularly or not -- like having a pretty apron to put on when they have guests. So I enjoyed making an apron for Cathy, who seemed pleased.

My name had been drawn by Jordyn, again someone I've liked but don't know well.

Visiting her FB page has revealed that we have things in common: moving frequently (well, not any more for me but 13 times in 13 years early in our marriage), a fondness for canning and preserving (again, infrequently now but all the time in younger years), and our particular political bent.

I had put  place mats and black and white fabrics on my wish list; Jordyn made me the best place mats (they look great in our kitchen and have inspired me to pick up a bunch of daffodils this afternoon) and added a marvelous owl print to the stack of B&Ws she picked out. But that wasn't enough -- included were various home-made goodies: pickles, relish, and the Best Exotic Marigold Scented Soap one could imagine! Said soaps have made their way into my bureau drawers; we have sampled the yummy relish, and this morning's coffee was enjoyed in the sewing-theme mug Jordyn had so thoughtfully included.

Generous Jordyn spoiled me mightily. And I'm loving it!


Janet O. said…
I especially love the apron you made with the patchwork!
Barbara Anne said…

Love the handmade goodies, the stellar apron, the fabrics, the placemats, and I would love to know where Jordyn found that Marigold soap.

What fun!

a january swap...great idea! lovely gifts going and coming!