Someone I Used to Know

I've had two dreams about her recently. I wonder what that's about.

We were friends -- really good friends -- for more than forty years. Then something happened that ended it, and there's no going back. We both know that. So there's been no contact, not even Christmas cards, for a long time. It has been nearly four years since I last saw her, and I've no idea what is going on in her life.

That last may  not be true for her. I have reason to think that every now and again she pops into my blog and looks around. If I'm right, here's a message for her:

I miss you. Our shattered relationship cannot be repaired, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten the good times, the laughter, the dinners, the books, the stories, and especially the laughter. I miss you and your wonderful husband and I hope you are both well. I always appreciated your wit and your wisdom. I hope your children are still making you proud and that your grandchildren are filling your life with joy. 

You have a birthday this month and if my often faulty math is actually correct, it's a major one. I hope it is a happy one. I hope you are traveling and sewing and cooking and laughing. Perhaps we'll run into each other somewhere; if that happens, I'll say -- honestly -- "It's so good to see you." I'd like to hope you feel the same.

Oh, and hug your people. You never know, do you?