Froggy Mug Rugs

I've been making potholders lately. See, I'm not confident or very skilled at machine quilting, and making the potholders is improving my work and building my confidence. Potholders are a nice hostess gift, and there are a couple of potential recipients on my Christmas gift list.

These are two that I made last week and like enormously. It think they represent the very end of the froggy fabric, darn it.

But I got distracted while I was working, and forgot the Insul-Brite layer. Realized that when I started to hand-sew the binding.

So they aren't pot holders any more! They're mug rugs!

I got to thinking that we haven't had a give-away around here Near Philadelphia in quite some time.

One of these mug rugs has a recipient. But the other doesn't. If you would like to have it, leave me a comment about one thing you really like about summer. I'll draw a name on Wednesday afternoon and with any luck it will be in the mail on Thursday.


Karla said…
Well first off, I love frogs! These are adorable. It may need to look for groggy fabric for you! A silly thing I love about summer is sandals, wearing dresses without pantyhose and wow, how about those crepe myrtles!
Janet O. said…
Great frog fabric. You know I already have a mug rug of your making, and it sits beside my computer all the time, so you needn't include me. But Mr. Frog sure makes me smile.
Barbara Anne said…
Cute fabric and good save making them into mug rugs! Excellent idea for improving your machine quilting skills, too.

One thing I love about summer is lightening bugs after dark!


starsthatblaze said…
During the summer I have more time to quilt and research family history because I have fewer piano students. I have enjoyed so much reading about your adventures in Alaska!
sharon said…
One thing I love about summer is we spend weekends at our seasonal campground site - the mascot of the campground is a Frog...would love a frog mug rug to use there.
Unknown said…
cute frogs! i live near philly, too, and my name is.....nanci. maybe we're related, lol. i'm usually pretty active on the quilting board, so if you're there ever, look for nancia, and send me a pm. happy to make new friends!
Unknown said…
oh, i almost forgot, one thing i love about summer is the heat. spent 24 years in texas and there's nothing better than going from hot (outside)to cold (ac inside), and vice versa. love it!