Suddenly is right. I hadn't been considering it "for a long time." I hadn't been thinking, "Golly, this blog is kind of fusty and old looking." I hadn't thought about it at all.

And then, suddenly, this morning, before breakfast, when Himself and Blackberry were out for their morning obligation, I opened my blog to see what was new with my peeps, and I thought, "Well, I've had that header picture for a long time." And I thought I might change it. So I started looking for what to put up and all at once I was looking at new themes and new configurations and -- as they say -- one thing led to another.

And I'm rather pleased.


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love it! There's elegance in simplicity and this new look is a breath of fresh air! Now, I need to take a long look at mine too... hmmm. ;)
Anonymous said…
When you decide something, you do it. Nice change. I hope that it motivates me to change things that I need to. Thanks for sharing.
Janet O. said…
It has a very pleasant, peaceful feel, Nancy. I like your new profile photo, too.
Looks great!! Change must be in the air as several of my blog friends are talking about mixing it up.
Merry Christmas
xx, Carol
Shasta Matova said…
Your new look looks very nice! It makes me think I should look at my space!
Barbara Anne said…
How marvelously colorful and festive! You can almost hear the dancers making a joyful noise, too.

What an wonderful idea you had.

Quayquilter said…
I too like the header but hate the rest of the format - I used to drop in every now and then and click on older post to catch up from where I had off. Sorry - I can see I'm in a minority. However you are on my sidebar which tells me when you last posted -8 hours today- so I'll try not to let too long go by.