Pickle Dish

My taste in pickles has run to the sweet side for a long time. Gherkins were enjoyed from an early age. Bread-and-butter pickles, especially of the homemade variety, are also a favorite. This autumn my great grand nephew produced Carter's Kosher Dill Pickles as a fund-raiser and they turned out awfully well. So my pickle repertoire has grown.

This past summer when Judy and I were at quilt camp, we took a Pickle Dish class with Debby Kratovil. What we learned from this lady about paper piecing was life changing. I finished my project a couple of months ago and a friend from my guild quilted it for me. And I got it bound during some Christmas visiting. 

Kevin quilted my other quilt camp project for me, too. But that is the topic for another post.

In other end-of-year news, you may remember my Triangles quilt. It became a flimsy, went off to Ohio to the gourmet quilter, and came home not long ago. I was thinking I would have to cut the sides to make them straight, but Sarah suggested I leave them jaggedy. I worried about the binding. Sarah pooh-poohed my worry. Operating on the principle of When You Lack Confidence In Yourself It Is Okay To Borrow A Friend's Confidence In You, I learned to make bias binding, machined it on, and have begun the hand-stitching part! Another upcoming post, but not before the year ends.


Quiltdivajulie said…
Gorgeous pickles - you used the Pinkerville fabric well (great colors).
Barbara Anne said…
Well done in braving paper piecing and making this stellar Pickle Dish in jazzy colors. Love the splatter paint background and border fabric!

I have a wonderful recipe for Candied Dill Pickles that are crisp, marvelous on a bologna sandwich, and start with a gallon of dill pickles plus a container of pickling spice and some sugar (I don't remember how much). Want the recipe? It was from a church friend in Memphis some 40 years ago.

Anonymous said…
The Pickle Dish is on my to-do list of quilts. My friend gifted me a jar of home-made bread and butter pickles once. They were the best on a fried egg sandwich. Thanks for mentioning them and bringing back memories.