Covid-19 Sewing (1)

With the [semi] quarantine situation, I imagine that there will be a lot of sewing going on in a lot of studios and homes.

Yesterday I retrieved two quilts from the machinist (being careful to keep six feet apart) and have got the binding machined on.

I had prepped a few Steam Punk blocks previously and the past week saw me taking a break from appliquéing The Aunts in favor of propellers. I hand-piece the blades and when I have four sections, I hand stitch them together. The long seam that joins the two halves is done on the machine and then I appliqué the center circle.

I'm liking them. I anticipate that the next two weeks (or however long) will yield more.

Himself said that they reminded him of the radiation danger symbol from back in his Navy days where his ship had something to do with proper disposal of nuclear waste. I guess I think this impression isn't far off.


howdidIgethere said…
Himself and I are on the same wavelength as that is exactly what they remind me of.
Barbara Anne said…
I saw them as the radiation warning signs from growing up in the 1950s. Your propeller blades are much more delightful and I appreciate your explanation of how you're sewing the blocks together.

As I've read a few other blogs, it's sad to read that some folks are really "at sea" as they have no hobbies to enjoy while at home. We quilters, other creative souls, and all who read will be well entertained while being at home! If we don't run out of thread or batting, of course.

Janet O. said…
Good looking blocks.
And Himself is spot-on!
Quayquilter said…
I so agree with Barbara Anne. People say boredom is the worst problem. I can get on with so much while at home though if we have to isolate I shall sorely miss all the quilty get togethers and retreats I had lined up in my diary. Alan and ! will go for walks in the woods and by the sea if we have to isolate to relieve the cooped up feeling.
Love the blocks - just the right candidates for hand piecing. Never thought I would see the day!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Excellent observation by Himself. Happy stitching - and I hope your weather is nice enough at least some days to spend time stitching on your lovely porch. Fresh air and nature lifts our spirits in a way nothing else can.
Nann said…
Maybe that means your blocks are not Steampunk -- rather they are Radiant.