Vaarwel*, Amsterdam!

We've waited a long while, and now it turns out we shall wait even longer.

It's been two years since we booked our trip. We were scheduled to leave six weeks from today, flying to Amsterdam, staying at a darling little B&B for a few days prior to boarding our Viking river cruise that would take us -- first and foremost -- to Keukenhof Gardens and then other places in Holland and in Belgium. Back in Amsterdam after ten days, we were to take a train to Paris where we'd spend four more days before flying home. I'd even booked a cooking class for one of those days!

Last night, just before bedtime, an email came from Viking: all trips until at least May are canceled. We are given the opportunity to rebook or refund from Viking. We'll be working with our travel agent and our insurance carrier to figure out the rest.

The windmills and tulips trips are very popular, so much so that there is a two-year wait. We have other plans for the summer of '22, but perhaps is '23 we can do the tulips. We'll have to see.

I have to admit that I was relieved when the email from Viking showed up. Joe and I had been talking about the trip over the past few days, and being uncertain about what to do. Given my propensity for getting sick when traveling, my likelihood of picking up the airplane head cold, both of us were nervous about this virus. But we'd waited two years! Viking took the decision-making out of our hands.

My very wise friend Cathy said a few months ago, "You know, I've come to realize that I'm not ever going to go to Paris. And I'm okay with that." And she's right. Aging brings perspective.

*Dutch for Goodbye


LizA. said…
I'm sure it was a tough decision, made a bit easier by Viking. But, all in all, most likely a wise one. I'm self-quarantining due to the immune suppressants I take for my Lupus. It's a good thing I have enough fabric to keep me busy for this lifetime.
Quiltdivajulie said…
At this particular point in time, no matter how alluring the destination, I think it is prudent for all of us to stay close to home. Like Liz, I have enough fabric and projects to keep me happy here at home for a long time (and the pantry/freezer/medicine chest are well stocked which is also a good thing). (and when things are a bit better, there is a marvelous windmill and LOTS of tulips in southwestern lower Michigan - I've also heard the tulips in the west are quite astonishing and beautiful).
Janet O. said…
Oh, how disappointing, but surely for the best.
My second daughter and her family have a trip to Hawaii booked for later this month and they are struggling with what to do about it.
I have always dreamed of travel, but have never made it off the North American continent. Something always happens to prevent my going--even when I have paid for a trip in advance. It has left me so frustrated.
I am beginning to have that "it's okay" feeling. Maybe I never will travel--but I have a sewing room full of fabric and I can have fun at home (though I still wouldn't mind if a trip would finally work out one day). :)
Judy Cloe said…
Viking is sounding like the best cruise company these days with their cancellation policy. Be grateful. I have friends who are losing a lot of money from other companies. Having seen the tulips on this trip, I feel your pain at missing the opportunity. At least we quilters have things to do at home while we stay home to avoid this virus. I look forward to seeing what you do.
Barbara Anne said…
Like you said, it's easier to have the decision of whether to cancel your wonderful trip taken out of your hands, but how disappointing it is.

As others have mentioned, we quilters have lots of fun at home. Just yesterday I reacquainted myself with some lovely Marcus Brother's pansy fabrics I've had for more than 20 years and my brain is busy planning what to do with them and the fabrics that are bundled with each colorway.

Lori said…
I'm so sorry. My daughter and I have an international trip planned for mid-May. I'm preparing but not getting my hopes up.
Quayquilter said…
I should be going to Madeira next week but we decided not to and two friends currently on holiday in Spain and Portugal respectively are heading for home early. If we are stuck we want to be stuck at home though I had planned to take the large quilt I am hand quilting to Madeira just in case. Who needs clothes!