Porcelainberry Triangles

This quilt was the major project that I began back in November when Bonnie and I went on the quilt cruise to Panama. The pattern is called Batik Waves and was designed by Karen Combs, our shipboard teacher for this class.

Karen recommended that participants bring an assortment of light and dark batiks which just about everyone did. There was one lady who had brought a collection of beautiful Japanese prints. And then there was me, who brought solids in a particular color way that reminds me of a plant that I like, along with newsprints for the lights.

Karen didn't throw me out of class for not following the initial instructions and, in fact, was a very patient and good-natured teacher. The pattern was complicated and many of us struggled. 

My machinist quilted simple wavy lines; I thought there was enough going on in this quilt that it didn't want complex quilting. It's bound in the dark purple. I am delighted with how it turned out.

Today was a good day for photography, so out on the deck we went for a session. Those pictures are below. If you click once or twice on a photograph, it will enlarge so you can see the detail and the quilting.

Also, there's a picture of the version my sister made. She's the good girl who does what she's told!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
You rebel,you! I love your version, and the quilting and Bonnie's too; they're both very pretty. Now I am going to have to look up and find out what a Porcelain Berry is! ;)
Barbara Anne said…
Well done on this glorious quilt! In choosing the fabrics, you were marching the beat of your own drum as all quilters should do. The Wave quilting is just perfect.

I have some of the floral batik fabric that's in your sister's quilt.

There is a pantograph pattern that I intend to choose soon called Double Bubble. Does anyone remember that bubble gum. If memory serves, it was always a workout for the jaws in getting it to soften up.

Janet O. said…
Two beautiful quilts. No one will know you didn't follow instructions, Nancy. The quilt looks good no matter what style of fabrics. I recall why you chose this color palette and I think it worked beautifully!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Absolutely lovely -- good for you for making your own color choices. Both of your quilts turned out so well.
Robby said…
Pssst! I really like your color choices and commend you for boldly going your own way. It really paid off in this great quilt.
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