Pondering Steam Punk

Well, last evening, seven blocks into this project (photo tomorrow, I imagine), I looked at the pattern to determine my options.

The finished quilt measures 71 x 71 inches. And it needs 41 blocks!

Now I do like this pattern, and it is an excellent choice for me right now, with the need for (a) a long-term project, (b) a hand-sewing project, and (c) something that will use up scraps. Three for three!

But do I like it 41 blocks worth? And will this isolation last that long?

I was thinking that I should ponder a possible alternative setting for fewer than 41 blocks. But then I thought, "No, not yet. Keep on keeping on and think about that tomorrow. Or the next day. Or whenever." Scarlett would be so proud!


Julierose said…
Great questions--I am thinking about a hand pieced "Many Trips @ The World". A semi-controlled scrappy one using mini charms...(???we'll see how I can figure that out)
I love that Steam Punk quilt too..if not a big quilt you could get a wall hanging size --sounds like we may be isolated for quite a while...stay safe--hugs, Julierose
Anonymous said…
I think this isolation is going to last WAY longer than any of us can imagine. Without a vaccine, or any sort of treatment, social distancing is our only option if we want to slow the spread of this virus. Your project looks great, and I say, keep on as long as you can. Stay safe and healthy!
Quiltdivajulie said…
I personally would be opting for a smaller quilt - but that's me. And like Anonymous said, we are only in the first wave of this virus. It will be with us for a long time, just like so many others we have in our world. The isolation will eventually end but I anticipate not for a good long while. (our local county's count went from 10 confirmed yesterday to 30 confirmed today)
Anonymous said…
When you mentioned that 41 blocks might be more than you want to make, you could alternate another block in between the steam punk blocks. But that is a stunning quilt and you are doing a beautiful job. Good luck. Thanks for sharing.
Janet O. said…
LOL--yes, you have the makings of a fine Southern Belle. :)
I can understand that you like the blocks but aren't sure you want to make THAT many. Whatever you decide, I know you will make something intriguing from these radiation warning signs. :)
kathyz said…
LOL My mother often called me Scarlett!
You so inspire me - I look forward to your posts.
Keep on!
Barbara Anne said…
For my two cents, if you like a whole quilt's worth of Steam Punk blocks, go for it. If the joy of piecing the blocks is waning, you could make a lap quilt, a twin quilt, or a wall quilt and any extra blocks could become a table runner or long, narrow quilt for a skinny bit of wall. Enjoy pondering the possibilities!

Anonymous said…
The symbol on the quilt you call "Steam Punk" are actually the symbol for radiation!