Signs of Spring, Near Philadelphia

The quarantine has come at a fairly good time, it seems. It's time for spring yard work, and just before everything shut down (well, almost everything), Joe took himself over to the lawn and garden store in search of some azaleas. The ones out back needed some refreshment. He saw this heather and couldn't resist it. Today he took it out front and planted it along the wall near the driveway.

Joe snipped this forsythia early last week and brought it in to force bloom. That took just a couple of days. I love how it brightens the kitchen.

We had a nice surprise this morning when we got up. Out in our yard was a visitor! We knew we had a  fox or two living in the nearby woods, and Joe and Blackberry reported sightings on their late-night walks. I'd seen a fox walking along late at night one time. But this particular guy or gal was curled up, almost napping, right between our home and Andrea's! At one point the fox turned to the left and I could see its face, but my finger on the camera wasn't quick enough. Soon after I took the picture, the fox got up and stretched and sauntered down the back of our yard into a neighbor's. I think he or she is looking for a mate right about now. Foxes don't need to keep a six-foot distance!


Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I'm a little concerned about that fox being out in the daylight; take care-- it could be rabid. Signs of spring are popping up everywhere-- it's time to get outside and get some good, fresh air with all of this quarantine happening! Stay safe and healthy, my friend!
Quiltdivajulie said…
Best advice for those of us who are staying home - get outside and walk where it is not crowded with other people. Fresh air and nature will help keep all of us sane. That and plenty of time with our fabrics.
Lori said…
Fun spring post! (I say as we still have snow on the ground!)
Stay well, friend.
Janet O. said…
Fun to see your signs of Spring. We still have a little snow and a snowstorm coming tomorrow.
Wow--that fox seems very comfortable in your neighborhood.