Flowering Snowball

With the binding and the sleeve now firmly on Halo 2, I found myself experiencing creative withdrawal! 

Yes, I do have some Improved Nine Patches (which are just about complete and ready to be set) in the hand-piecing department and the Baby Girl down by the machine. But after Steampunk, Halo and Halo 2, I've become engrossed in that genre and was getting cranky for lack of a new project.

And then, last night, just before bedtime, an email arrived listing the on-line class offerings for the Vermont Quilt Show (an event I've been eager to attend in person one day). In addition to classes being taught by two friends -- shout out Sarah and Judi -- there were many other fine temptations. 

And then I came to Flowering Snowball, taught by designer Irene Blanck. The class description says pattern and templates will be available by mail sometime in May.

Do you think I could wait that long?

My friend Google helped me out. It seems that the block can be made in sizes ranging from 6" finished to 12" finished. And, yes, templates are available. Ordering them from Oz incurs postage greater than the cost of the templates. But I did buy the pattern directly from Irene. And found 9" templates (just the right size, I think) stateside and placed my orders.

And now I'm going to quit typing and go outside and sit by my mailbox.


Wendy Currie said…
How exciting!!!
I am finding myself drawn to these curved designs myself.
Barbara Anne said…
What a happy quilt that is and it does look perfect to follow your recent wonderful quilts. Well done in finding the templates in the States. Might you have this quilt finished before the show class begins?

I don't know if it's because of spring, but my brain has me working on 3 projects, with borders for two UFOs simmering in the back of my mind.

Hope the weather stays pretty while you sit beside your mailbox!

Nann said…
I got the VQF announcement, too. I skimmed the instructor bios, trying not to sidetrack myself by clicking through to their websites. I've starred the email so I can go back to register. At first I thought the photo you posted was your quilt. I was relieved to see it's a sample. What fabric genre will you use?
LizA. said…
Darn, I could have sent you my templates. I made a flowering snowball with all Kaffe prints a few years ago and seriously doubt I will ever use the templates again. It was a lot of work but is one of my absolute favorite quilts.
Mrs. Goodneedle said…
I love this! I would love very much to make this quilt too; it's gorgeous. I've always wanted to attend the VQF myself; perhaps we could go together sometime! I can't wait to see the beginnings of your Flowering 9! So, are you going to take the online class too?
Janet O. said…
Had never heard of the Flowering Snowball design before. I like! Aren't you the clever one to get it all worked out without having to use too much patience. :)
Don't know about your side of the country, but out here it is perfect mailbox watching weather.