Gotham Color Lab: Warm and Cool

 I signed up for a year-long on-line class on understanding color theory. The class is through Gotham Quilts in NYC and is a Zoom event. There are 30 participants. We have a textbook and will tackle approximately one chapter each month at our monthly meetings.

Our textbook suggests making 6" finished Bears Paw blocks for each of the color studies. At the end of the year we will have enough for some sort of a quilt. I thought that was a good idea. I have chosen to use various text prints for the backgrounds for all of my blocks.

At the first meeting, in January, we went around and introduced ourselves. Everyone said her name, how long she had been quilting, and why she was taking the class. I have no recollection of what anyone said. 

Our assignment for the next class was to consider Warm and Cool in relation to color, particularly Green and Purple.


Quiltdivajulie said…
I have a hardbound copy of a marvelous color book that I would be delighted to send you if you are interested, Actually I think I have two different ones. Inspiration and eye candy if nothing else. Do let me know - and best of success with your class!
Nann said…
One class session a month sounds manageable. The sample blocks will work up nicely. And colorfully.
Janet O. said…
It sounds like an interesting experience, and a good way to get the blocks made for another quilt. I do like a Bear's Paw!
I laughed at your admission that you don't remember what anyone said. I guess the important thing is can you recall what you said?
Barbara Anne said…
What a great class and no hurry, hurry about it. Love the Bear Paw blocks, too.

We had our first zoom meeting for a friend's memorial service and I remember nothing of the introductions either.