Other Projects in Progress

And these blocks are finished! 

Ever since November 17, when Lizzy came to live with us, my machine sewing time has been at a premium. I had made a handful of these blocks back in early autumn and then packed the project away. I just haven't been able to concentrate at the machine with a puppy with an unreliable bladder underfoot.

Lately, things have been much better. She is getting the idea of entertaining herself. The bladder has settled into a predictable pattern. So I dug out these blocks and strips and made the rest of them. They came from a FQ pack I couldn't resist at Stash Fabrics. Now they are packed away again until I can get out to Lancaster County and pickup fabric for lattice and borders.

The modern paper-pieced triangles are increasing in number. I have 54 in mind, or as many as the FQ pack will yield, whichever comes first. Planning solid black squares in the empty spaces. These babies finish at six inches.

And here's Distraction Personified -- Lizzy emerging from the doggloo that Joe created and we hope will melt away s o o n .



Janet O. said…
I like the boldness of your Sister's Choice blocks.
Oh, you have more patience than I to make 54 of those foundation pieced blocks.
Good to know things with Lizzy have mellowed.
Gotta ask--is Joe ever in the Doggloo??
Quiltdivajulie said…
Oh that photo of Lizzy and her Doggloo . . . just too funny. She has grown SO much! Glad you can get in more stitching time now.
Barbara Anne said…
Love your two in-progress quilts and Lizzy with her doggloo is too cute. She certainly has grown a lot since November. Does Lizzy keep you company as you sew?

Nann said…
The stripes in the Sister's Choice blocks really stand out! Lizzie is adorable.