Gotham Color Lab: Complementary


Complementary was easy. I completely remembered the concept of "opposites on the color wheel" from seventh grade art with Miss Green. She was a nervous, fluttery woman with dyed red-orange hair (complement of Green?) and bulging eyes due to some sort of a thyroid disorder, it was rumored. The seventh grade boys called her Froggy. We can be so cruel.

But I digress.

Top Row: Yellow and Violet, Blue and Orange.

Bottom Row: Yellow and Lively Violet.


Barbara Anne said…
Love your blocks and I, too, remember complimentary colors thanks to Miss Kessler, my 7th and 8th grades art teacher.

You've reminded me that I called my parent's real estate agent "Pop-Eyes" when she wasn't around. I was about 7 years old and much later when in nursing school, I learned about thyroid problems, Synthroid (the Rx), and the benefit of timely treatment.

I'm sewing Mystery Quilt block pairs together, two over two, and am making HSTs for a UFO that needs more blocks. Isn't it just too much fun?

Janet O. said…
Ha ha! I like "lively" violet. :)