Gotham Color Lab: Analagous


This month we at Gotham Color Lab, we are studying color theory. This is the principal reason that I decided to participate in this group.

People have told me that I have an excellent sense of color. I have never studied color.

There are several components to the color theory chapter. Today I'm sharing my analogous blocks.

--Violet, red-violet, pink

--Green, yellow-green, yellow

--Red-violet, red, red-orange


Barbara Anne said…
Lovely analagous blocks and I like the varied construction of those corner squares! It's good to hear you're enjoying the class and will have a quilt made from the color lessons.

Have fun!

Quiltdivajulie said…
I like these a lot. And yes, you do have a good sense of color - your quilts have shown us that.
Janet O. said…
Really nice proof of your color sense.