Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

It is hot Near Philadelphia. Hot and humid. Downright sultry as Mama would say (Didn't you just love that movie? It was on a hot August day that we first saw it and laughed until we cried).

When I was a kid, August was for paperdolls. Paperdolls and Monopoly on the side porch. And accepting any and all invitations from friends who belonged to swim clubs. And starting to look at school supplies and, of course, plaid dresses.

Must be some kind of an instinct -- My own kids used to haul out the Monopoly game and take it to the front porch around mid-August, with no prompting that I can recall. They'd set up a jigsaw puzzle on the coffee table and we'd all pause a couple of times a day to insert a few pieces.

So it's hot, Near Philadelphia. And we've got about a month to go. We'll survive. But the pace slows down, the iced tea drinking accelerates, and while I certainly don't want to have to play Monopoly again, a jigsaw puzzle might feel very good. In the living room, on the coffee table, under the gentle ceiling fan.

The picture at the top reminds me of Sirius Black in the HP5 movie, which we saw last weekend in air-conditioned comfort. And if you, like me, wonder about why these are the dog days, you can find out here.



Connie W said...

Those are the same things we enjoyed in our childhood days too. I don't miss Monopoly but every now & then I do get the urge to do a jigsaw puzzle. Good memories.

P.S. an after-thought said...

I think about paper dolls and summers with my cousin. We even made clothes for our paper dolls. I think my girls never played with paper dolls.

My cousin and I also played monopoly. We didn't know the correct rules and the games went on for days.

Susan said...

Our childhoods were so different! I never played monopoly, for one thing, and we didn't have any side porch, or much of a front one, either. However, we did have a city pool. I could run barefoot from one tree shade spot to another all the way to the pool, swim all day for very little, and run from cool spot to cool spot all the way home at the end of the day.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Woof-Woof! Hot here, too. I remember playing Chinese Checkers on the side porch at my grandmother's house on downright "sultry" days. Great post.